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Alessandro “Sandro” Maniaci

Born in Gloucester, MA, Alessandro “Sandro” Maniaci is known as the Deckhand aboard the F/V Tuna.com on National Geographic’s reality TV show “Wicked Tuna”.

Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Sandro Maniaci is one of the youngest members of the “Wicked Tuna” cast. Fishing has always been in Sandro’s blood. He grew up with a Father and Uncle in the fishing industry so it is no surprise he started fishing almost as soon as he began to walk.

As a kid, he was catching small fish at local ponds and as an adolescent, he was fishing off the docks catching mackerel, striped bass and blue fish. By high school he as on the boats searching for big fish.

Sandro has spent years honing his fishing skills. His fascination, passion, focus, determination and never give up attitude, has led to his success on the ocean. Sandro is now one of the most recognizable Tuna fishermen in New England.

Sandro has been a crew member of the F/V Tuna.com for six years. Over those years, he has fought to make a name for himself in tuna fishing. He has caught numerous “Monstah” striped bass, sharks and tuna. He has fished off the coast of New England, the Caribbean and parts of South America and plans to continue his hunt for big fish all over the world.

Sandro attributes much of his success to fishing with Captain Dave Cararo. Sandro considers Captain Dave to be one of the best tuna fishermen on the east coast. Each time they are out at sea, Sandro learns something new from Captain Dave to improve his craft.

In order to continue to challenge himself, Sandro has obtained his Master Captain’s license. The first time he was handed the helm as a Captain of F/V Tuna.com, he was the only one in a fleet of 40-50 boats to catch any tuna. On a day where no other fishermen caught tuna, he was able to land two giant tunas.

Over his short six years fishing for Tuna, he has caught numerous 1,000 pound tuna. In fact, the first tuna he caught was over 1,000 pounds. He has had many battles with tuna lasting several hours. To date, he has caught over 50 giants.

Sandro supports the sustainability of the blue fin tuna fishery. He understands the delicate balance that must be struck between maintaining blue fin tuna populations against overfishing and respects fishing in the world’s most heavily regulated fishery.

Sandro will soon be launching a clothing line named “Big Tuna Apparel”. The shirts will feature some of his favorite tuna fishing sayings. They will be available in a wide array of colors for both men and women.

In the meantime, Sandro continues to search the ocean for the next big bite.